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Welcome to Delta Informal Gardeners Web Site (DIG)
What is DIG? 

Our purpose is to encourage interest in gardening through education and beautification of our community.  

We hold our meetings from 7:30-9:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of every month, at the Methodist Church at 809 Second Street, which is on the corner of Maple, directly across from Liberty High School.

Drop into one of our meetings if you have a love for growing things — or even if you just want a reason to got out of the house and meet some friendly folks.  

We are a fun group of people.   Nobody’s a stranger twice.  You’ll see! 

Follow Delta Informal Gardeners on facebook  (lots more information/photos)!! 

Look for us in the Contra Costa Times Article, 05/13/2012, on page B1 and B9 (local news) for a story
about our 2012 Plant Sale!  Click Below and look in archive articles. 

AND Look for a DIG article  in" The Press" about the 25th Annual Perennial Plant Sale/2013
at the web site below:

AND look for DIG's Sale on Page 80 of the May/2013 issue of 110 Magazine/archives below:

DIG's Annual-Perrenial Plant Sale is coming right up!
Located at 700 Creek Rd., Brentwood, at Wolfe Ranch on May 10, 2014 
  Saturday (8:30am-1:30pm).  

March 2014

President's Memo

Gardens everywhere are Waking Up!  Roses are blooming, trees are budding out and weeds are peeking around every corner.  It’s officially Spring now, even if the weather is so confused that it gives us 80 degrees one day and rain two days later.  In between the rain showers I’ve been out weeding and just enjoying the sunshine in my garden. I have been looking around my yard to see if there are any bare spots I can fill in with something new from DIG.  (Yes, a few things died over the winter, but I can actually blame the frost this time.)


It’s almost time for our 26th annual plant sale. Everyone is working hard to get thousands of plants ready to sell as we help to “beautify” our community.  We’ll soon be looking for more volunteers to help at the sale.  Come on out to a Saturday workday and get in on the fun.

Robin Choate
(2014 President)


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